Monday, 31 December 2012

Ready for the biggest Night of the Year??

New Years Eve was always my favourite night of the clubbing year.
It always had that much more excitement and expectation than a normal night, but that was before everything went crazy with ridiculous price hikes and sheer exploitation, which became the norm in late 90's.
It always used to fascinate me in terms of what would the DJ drop at 12 o' clock.
What track captures that perfect moment that creates the fantastic atmosphere to build the rest of the night on.
Over the years on the PCC blog I've posted many tracks and comments from my fantastic NYE experiences of tracks which were dropped at midnight. The best was most definitely "Digitalis - Accepting and Giving" - how perfect it is to have your all time favourite track dropped at the perfect moment. Heaven!!
I also remember Sasha dropping "Vangelis - Chung Kuo" mixed into "Orbital - Belfast" which was fantastic.
Here's another fantastic Vangelis track which I feel would be perfect for dropping at midnight.
(I've been wanting to post this track for ages, but have been waiting for the right moment).
Dropped at midnight it would slow everything down and then build up all the atmosphere and excitement again.
The track is sheer musical perfection, Vangelis certainly produced some amazing tracks, this one dates back to 1981.
It starts off very slowly, but just builds and builds until it literally explodes.
The part at 4 mins 11 seconds never falls to take me into another place, it is most definitely one of the most uplifting pieces of music I've ever come across.
Any DJ's out there brave enough to drop this at midnight tonight? Go on -I dare you!!
Cue it at 11.55pm and it will explode right on Midnight.
I'm always keen to hear of other great tracks which people have heard DJ's drop at midnight on NYE, so let me have your comments and memories.
Have a great night and enjoy it to the max, Happy New Year to one and all from the PCC Blog!!

Vangelis - Alpha

Thursday, 27 December 2012

(Packets of) Peace to everyone!!

I can't believe that it's taken me 3 years of running this blog and posting tracks before I've got round to posting this one.
This was always a huge favourite of mine and was massive in Clubland in 1993 and rocked all the nations dancefloors for months on end.
It was always a massive track at Back To Basics in Leeds.
Lionrock is of course the guise of Justin Robertson - one of the great DJs from the early days of clubbing and still going strong today I believe. His remixes around that time in 92'/93' were the real sound of that era when he seemed to be churning out "Prankster remixes" at a phenomenal rate. All were exciting and had that unique and distinctive style.
This track is a true PCC with some great vocals from MC Buzz B and a really great underlying piano riff that accompanies that great Roland 303 acid squelch and then topped off with the big horns.
All in all a top, top track, that still sounds amazing today.
Respect to the Prankster!!
(Packets of) Peace to all on Earth!!

Lionrock - Packet Of Peace
(Prankster Sound System Mix)

Friday, 21 December 2012

Happy Christmas to one and all!!

A big shout out to you all out there wishing you a truly memorable Christmas.
Now dance music has never really produced Christmas songs, so finding a Christmas theme to post isn't always easy.
However, here is a corking remix of one of my favourite Christmas tracks.
This was remixed in 2000 and is a top notch remix, much respect to Rob Searle.
It retains the power and emotion of the original track, but gives it that dancefloor friendly vibe.
I often talk about tracks on the PCC blog which take you on a journey, this is very much one of those tracks.
It builds nicely until that fantastic vocal breakdown and then it takes you on a fantastic ride through to the finish, which some great drum rolls and a pounding driving rhythm.
This is'll be the 4th Christmas of the PCC blog which is will also be 4 years old in February - we're keeping it going to feed you these great tracks, so keep leaving your comments and feedback.
Have a great Christmas and a highly prosperous New Year!!

Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love
(Rob Searle Club Mix)

Saturday, 15 December 2012

Musical perfection!!!

I've had this lined up to post for ages, as I simply adore this track.
I've mentioned several times on the PCC blog, my huge admiration for Ms. Bedingfield.
She is quite possibly my favourite female vocalist and always produces fantastic songs with deep and meaningful lyrics.
It's the texture and feel of her vocals that just touch me deep down.
Her music is always superb, but when remixed it reaches elevated heights.
This remix by Adam K and Soha is just stunning (in fact most of their remixes are top notch).
The track combines the beautiful vocals of Natasha with a dreamy trance vibe and the lyrics as per usual and clever and meaningful.
The only negative on this track is that it's too bloody short, coming in at just over 3 and a half minutes, it feels like it needs to be at least 8 minutes long.
What I always find myself doing is just playing it over and over again.
Musical perfection?? Not far off in my book!!
It touches the parts other tracks cannot reach!!

Natasha Bedingfield - Soulmate
(Adam K and Soha Mix)

Come on "Let's Fly Away"!!

This was on my "most wanted tracks" list for a long time. Why, why else? Because it is a top track.
For the real purists amongst you, it could be a tad on the cheesy side, but as we've always said on the PCC blog, a piece of cheese now and again is an essential part of a healthy well balanced dance music diet.
The tracks from 1996 and features the beautiful vocals of Kelly Llorenna and comes with a top notch remix by Biff 'n' Memphis. Those guys had the nack of just keeping their remix work the right side of cheesy.
It's a long track as well, well over 10 minutes, but like all good tracks it keeps you pretty much engrossed from start to finish.
Come on "Let's Fly Away"!!

Kelly Llorenna - One Day I'll Fly Away
(Biff 'N' Memphis Vocal)

Just an ordinary day, I heard you say!!

Alright people, apologies for the lack of recent posts, as per usual things have been pretty hectic, what with work commitments, family commitments etc. etc.
I'm hoping I'll be able to get lots of posts up though over the Christmas period, so stay tuned.
Here's a rarity - a really good track from recent years.
This is as recent as 2009,.
It was first brought to my attention by my old mate Velvetpants (I've not heard from you for a while fella, I hope all is well).
As with many tracks there are loads of mixes of this and most pretty naff, but this one is IMHO absolutely tops.
Aptly named the "Luv Piano Mix", it's full of great bouncy piano (just how we like it on the PCC blog) and its got some really great vocals, in a "less is more" type of way. The girl who sings (Shingai Shoniwa) really has a got a lovely voice, very soothing and luscious.
All in all a top notch track.
Viva la dance music!!!

Dennis Ferrer - Hey Hey
(Luv Piano Mix)

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Join us on the Epic Journey!!

There's not many track that come in at over 14 mins long and keep you fully engrossed from start to finish.
This is one such epic journey.
A track hammered by Oakey back in 1997 and created by the mercurial Malcolm McClaren (R.I.P.), the track is simply an immense collection of trance sounds, taking you on a thumping roller-coaster journey.
It's just so better produced and authentic sounding then a lot of today's over formulated trance music.
This has a really ethereal feel to it, beautiful flow and some pounding trance driven beats.
All in all a top notch piece of dance music.
Get on the Epic Journey!!

Malcolm McClaren - The Bell Song
(Remembrance Mix)

We've still got - Perfect Motion!!!

Now this is a rarity - a track that's been posted 3 times on the PCC blog.
All for great reasons, as each time it has been a different mix and all are superb versions and hence more than worthy of the triplicate posting.
Already on the blog are the Jimmy Gomez remix which is (like all his work) absolutely outstanding. 
Rich posted the Farley and Heller - Junior Boys Own Mix which was probably the most widely played mix in clubs and a top remix.
Here's another alternative version and one I also love, it takes you on a dream like journey encompassing lots of tempo changes and peaks, with a little bit of delightfully subtle piano thrown in for good measure. It's a really great re-working of total PCC.
It's one of those tracks that you just want to keep playing again and again over and over!
If a track gets 3 posts on the PCC blog, then you know it's good, which gives testament to Sunscreem by creating beautiful and "Perfect Motion".

Sunscreem - Perfect Motion
(Sunday Club Remix)