Wednesday, 3 October 2012

So strong !!! - Never 2 Much!!!

Here's a rarity, me providing a mid-week post.
There was once a time when I'd post tracks almost every night, but work and family commitments have put paid to that for the last couple of years.
Here's coming at you - with a huge, huge fave of mine.
I used to have a DJ Vertigo tape called Gold Rush - which was an absolutely mix tape and this was one of the key tracks. Boy that tape got some play back int'day.
The track is a total PCC - fantastic atmposhere, superb piano, great vocals and a belting chorus - just the way we love 'em.
So Strong - indeed.
Just a reminder people - that I'm running my marathon in 3 weeks and I'd really appreciate some sponsors for my chosen charity - Get Kids Going!!
Thanks to all those who have sponsored me to date, however, I'm way off my intended target of £2000, so please support what is a truly worthy cause.
The link to my sponsor page is below (and also top right on the blog)
Thanks all!!!
Rock on!!

2 Much - So Strong

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