Saturday, 6 October 2012

Get on the floor people!!!

I couldn't resist it. Ok back to the old skool again!!
Here's another old classic from 1989 and one that isn't as well known or popular as it should be.
It is a magnificent track from start to finish and is so instant in it's appeal.
I just love everything about this track.
The piano is sublime, the crunchy beats, the tempo, the feel, it just such a top track.
As mentioned it's certainly one of those classic old tracks which has gone somewhat forgotten about, but hey, that's the purpose of this blog, to bring you all those PCCs that you may have forgotten about or maybe never even heard.
Keen to have your feedback on this one.
IMHO it is right up there as one of the all time classics.
P.S. Just for the recordtThis track has nothing whatsoever to do with the delightful Ms Lopez and the frightful Pitbull!!

Urban Nature - Get On The Floor
(Extended Version)

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