Saturday, 6 October 2012

An Oakey classic!!

Alright all, I hope you are all doing well.
I've posted quite a lot of old skool tracks recently and it's been a while since I posted some Oakey trance.
Here's one of the big tracks that he used to bang out circa 1998.
It's a quality piece of pumping trance which was typical of the tracks he was playing back then.
This track has such a great feel to it and it used to absolutely rock on the dancefloor.
Top trance music.
By the way I hope you are all enjoying the new posts which allow you to listen below you download.
Don't forget to leave your feedback and comments on the tracks.

Liquid Child - Diving Faces
(Club Mix)


Anonymous said...

This song is in Human Traffic. I got the soundtrack 2xCD. Thanks for reminding me of it. Blog looks sweet

Blogger said...

Play Audio: Sprinter - True Lya Lya (Dark Psytrance)