Saturday, 8 September 2012

Into the Mystic

Here's a third unutterable classic to round off this morning's posts. 'Mystic Motion' was released on the then fledgling Distinct'Ive label in 1996. Comprising a collaboration between Italo-house outfit Datura, and the legendary Billie Ray Martin, 'Mystic Motion' is elevated to another level entirely by dint of an astounding remix from Hybrid. A pumping epic of the first variety, Hybrid's remix dissolves into a breakbeat frenzy whilst at once foregrounding the unmistakable vocals of BRM. 'Mystic Motion' certainly raised the profile of the then little-known Welsh breaks outfit, and, all things considered, this track remains one of the best, early Distinct'Ive releases.

Datura With Billie Ray Martin - Mystic Motion (Hybrid's Full Journey)

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Pure Club Classics said...

Absolutely stunning track - Billie's vocals and that piano - fantastic post buddy, a true PCC - keep 'em there!! regards, PCC