Thursday, 12 July 2012

Spirit of 95

This underrated classic was first heard by myself during a late '95 broadcast of the Essential Selection in which Tongy very unhelpfully neglected to divulge the act responsible for the creation of such a tune. Fast forward fifteen years and I happen upon a very old cassette with that selfsame track on it. 'High In A Groove' obviously caused little more than a ripple when it was promo'd, but in my estimation it typifies the euphoric, piano-based sound that so epitomised early- to mid-Nineties dance music.  

The Spirit of Eden - High In A Groove (Vocal Mix)


Antonio said...

Hey PCC!
Answering your statement, i'd like to say that the work of musical recollection you guys are doing on this blog is much appreciated. And I can relate to the very time consuming task of organizing a coherent blog, and all the process of uploading files. Not only have I rediscovered some tracks here but also (by searching by the artist and song names) got to some I have never heard and have kind of fallen in love with. So I will humbly ask for the precious password for these sweet files. Eheh :-)
Keep up the great work!! Cheers!


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