Thursday, 26 July 2012

Nocturnal Emissions

This is a slice of pure piano-trance heaven from Autumn '96. Released on the legendary Stress label - to which we all owe a great deal for bringing us just the highest quality antecedent trance - 'Nocturnal Spirit' was crafted by one Scott Bond. This track helped defined the 'epic house' sound as augured by BBE, and received a severe hammering from all the taste-makers of the time. Though ostensibly there is little difference between these two versions, I think it may have been the Republica Dangerous mix that received thegreater exposure. Unfortunately, I'm only in possession of an edit of the Gatecrasher mix, but thought I best share it with you anyway. 

Q:Dos - Nocturnal Spirit (Gatecrasher Epic Edit)

Q:Dos - Nocturnal Spirit (Republica Dangerous Mix)


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Another good one, thanks for sharing

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love it, love it :0)