Saturday, 7 July 2012

Keep on rising!!! Go on my son!!!

A big hello to you all.
Apologies for the lack of activity from my side, I've been pretty busy of late with various aspects.
A big shout out to Adam for keeping the posts going. Nice one fella.
Well I hope you are all going to be behind Andy Murray tomorrow - I know that he's not English, but he's British and having a Brit in the Wimbledon final has been a national obsession in our country on a par with England winning the World Cup which these days seems nothing but a far off dream.
He's a song to inspire Mr Murray - Keep on rising fella.
About the track its pretty recent (2007) which is unusual for this blog, but as you know its the quality that prevails.
It's got a great catchy rhythm and some fantastic vocals from Michelle Shellers.
Top track in my opinion.
Come on Andy fella - Keep on rising and lift that Wimbledon trophy on Sunday - the nation is behind you!!

Ian Carey featuring Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising
(Vocal Mix)

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