Thursday, 26 July 2012

Butterfly Effect

Another complete behemoth of a record here. 'Butterfly', Tilt's fourth release for Perfecto, constitutes a collaboration with Zee Cowling of More Protein and 'Dreamtime' notoriety. Zee lends her unmistakable tones to this track, underpinned as they are by a typically euphoric trance soundscape. Rather unusually the radio edit - featured here - comprises a mix in and of itself, rather than being a curtailed version of a lengthier offering. The original mix is darker and a bit more driving and loses something of the appeal of the radio edit. Why an extended radio edit of a more satisfying duration was never released escapes me. But that is my only criticism, this is one of my favourite Perfecto tracks being as I am a massive fan of both of the artists involved. 

Tilt Featuring Zee - Butterfly (Radio Edit)

Tilt Featuring Zee - Butterfly (Mechanism Mix)

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joeyla said...

Nice bobbly tune....chaos eh !!!