Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Lethal Injection

'Injected With A Poison' is, irrefutably, a rave classic whose enduring popularity has resulted in innumerable and regular re-releases. As a lover of the original I generally greeted the reworks with derision on account of the fact that they appeared to be almost uniformly hard-house hoovertastic affairs that couldn't hold a candle to the original. However, the US re-release from 1998 featured this gem nestled in its midst, care of the ever-dependable DJ Taucher. Taucher's remix thankfully foregrounds the piano, excises the chainsaws and ultimately constitutes a behemothic, yet tastefully updated, trance number. 

Praga Khan With Jade 4U - Injected With A Poison (DJ Taucher Remix)


joeyla said...

Loved this when first out, brings back massive memories...cheers for this

Cosmo Cater said...

Haven't heard this mix before, interesting.