Saturday, 12 May 2012

There's a Marathon ahead!!!

Alright peeps. I hope you are all well.
I know I only recently posted this track, but it's such a cracker that it won't harm to put it up again.
It has a massive classic from 1990 hammered by the likes of Sasha and most of the other top Jocks of that era.
There were many mixes but this was the best. Absolutely top drawer piano = lovely!!
The reason why I'm posting it again is principally due to the title "Marathon".
I've taken the plunge and decided to commit to running my first marathon, which is pretty brave to say I've never run further than 5 miles (in one go) in my life.
I'm running for a very worthwhile charity called "Get Kids Going" which aims to provide opportunities for young disabled people to participate in Sport.
Sport has played a wonderful part in my life and is one of my passions along with House Music of course.
I've created a separate blog called The Running Man which will capture my journey and experiences.
Please check it out if you get chance
Also it would be wonderful if you make donations to the "Get Kids Going" charity which I'm running for.
I'm aiming to raise over £2,000, which should be achievable with your support.
To donate just click on the Virgin Money Giving logo (top right) or follow this link
Even the smallest contributions count, so please give generously. Eternally grateful.
Of course I will keep the tunes coming on the PCC blog, although I'm not quite sure how I'm going to find the time to run two blogs and all the training I've got to undertake.
Please support The Running Man (TRM) as PCC now becomes TRM.
Meanwhile enjoy the track.
Marathon - here I come "Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Grooving" never seemed so apt!!

Marathon - Movin'
(Lee's House Mix)

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