Thursday, 24 May 2012

Salsoul Sensation

The recent passing of Donna Summer put me in mind of another disco legend who left the land of the living last year. Though she has already been tributed on these pages, the peerless contribution of Loleatta Holloway to the club classics canon surely warrants further recognition. Rather than posting some of the usual suspects - Cevin Fisher, Black Box, Cappella, Lenny Fontana - which predominately sample different parts of the vocal from 'Love Sensation', here are a few rather more obscure examples of Ms Holloway's original recordings, including the highly apposite 'No Apology'. What an incredible voice; her ubiquity spanned literally decades, from Salsoul to Fire Island to Sunshine State; from Dan Hartman to Melted Artists to Johnny Vicious. I include the tribal house remix of 'Shout to the Top' by Club 69 on account of the fact that this is the version I remember boogeying on down to back in '98. 

Love To Infinity Vs Loleatta Holloway - No Apology (Extended Radio Mix)

Fire Island Featuring Loleatta Holloway - Shout to the Top (Club 69 Future Anthem)

Loleatta Holloway - Hit 'n Run (Classic Tenaglia Mix)


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Pure Club Classics said...

Apologies for this pal, another great track selection, but you just can't beat the Walter Gibbons remix of Hit and Run, one of my all time faves from this era, just love it -, regards, PCC