Saturday, 26 May 2012

Now I feel your love, now I know devotion!!!

I can't believe that I've not posted this until now!!
I was playing it recently and it twigged that it wasn't on the blog.
It is a huge, huge fave of mine and was a sensational track which used to devastate the dancefloor when heard in clubs.
Oakey used to bang this out -  big time.
A top top track I just love everything about it from start to finish and oh those vocals by Joanna Law - top notch!!
"Now I feel your love, now I know devotion"
"Stronger than the wind, deeper than the ocean"
Not to mention the riff that kicks in and just blows you away.
Trance perfection - no less!!
P.S. A big up to all those who have sponsored me to date, to those that haven't; please do.
The link is below;

The Space Brothers - Forgiven (I Feel Your Love)
(Dub Vocal Mix)

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tsomo2000 said...

Fantastic trance tune, this takes me back to my teenage years....oh the memories.