Thursday, 31 May 2012

Breathe Again

This track was an absolute bugger to get hold of from start to finish. Released on 2 x 12" promo in Autumn 1998 on the 3 Beat label, it was - for some reason - denied a commercial release. It was, however, released in Australia - cue faxing one's credit card details to some obscure record shop in Cairns in a bid to acquire it on CD single. Some weeks later, it finally arrived. Tekara is a sobriquet of trance aficionado Matt Darey, and the original version of this track is a melodious breakbeat affair in a similar vein to his remix of 'The Silence' by Mike Koglin (released around the same time). What elevates 'Breathe In You' is the stunning Lost Tribe remix, which injects some much needed oomph and transforms the track into a stratosphere cruising monster which even features something of a wah-wah bassline common to speed garage at the time. 'Breathe In You' is a just killer, the very definition of euphoria trance and a sorely overlooked classic.

Tekara Featuring Lucy Cotter - Breathe In You (Lost Tribe Remix)

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Pure Club Classics said...

Top track this one fella. I'd not heard it before. Love the vocals as well. Top notch, regards, PCC