Thursday, 19 April 2012


'Cry Freedom' constitutes another seminal house classic that was absolutely ubiquitous when first released in 1992. Suffused with African sensibilities and featuring some sublime piano, this genre-straddling track had such longevity that an inevitable reissue occurred in early 1997. Presented here is the peerless original mix alongside the more contemporary-sounding '97 re-edit. 

Mombassa - Cry Freedom (Original '92 Mix)


Pure Club Classics said...

Great post fella. I'd used to love the original which was massive in clubs back in '92. I have to say I hadn't heard the '97 remix before, but that is pretty top notch also (in fact it's probably better than the original, although a little short).
Great posts fella, keep 'em there, Regards, PCC

Titianwarrior said...

I have both of these on vinyl. A true classic