Friday, 20 April 2012

Come on me old Mukkaa!!

Another massive fave of mine from 1993.
There was no better feel than listening to this in a club.
As soon as that riff kicked in it was massive a"hands in the air" moment.
It was impossible to keep them down.
Just close your eyes and think back.
Sheer heaven!!
Some big tracks came out of Scotland on the Limbo and 23rd Precint labels around that time.
I've also added the Yazoo version where the sample was pulled from.
That too is an undisputed classic and one of my favourite Balearic anthems. Bliss!!

Mukkaa - Neebro
(Plum Duff Mix)

Yazoo - Nobody's Diary

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Mark S said...

Excellent labels back in the day with their chunky progressive house sound...