Friday, 13 April 2012

Bring out the Violins!!

Now you'll all be familiar with Ferry Corsten's alter ego - System F and the massively popular "Out Of The Blue" which was one of the big trance tunes of the late 90's.
However, you may be less familiar with this remix, which IMHO is exquisite.
I've always been a sucker for tracks that slow down in the middle and those tracks are always superb on the dance floor; "Bells of New York" and "Carte Blanche" are just two that spring to mind (both already posted on the PCC blog).
This is equally impressive, in that it is fast paced pumping trance, which then breakdowns to some amazing Violin strings and piano, which just blows your mind.
I believe that Tiesto was behind the remix. Nice work fella, very impressive indeed.
I just those those strings!!
A big shout out to Simon for this track suggestion. Top work fella.
Enjoy people!!!

System F - Out Of The Blue
(Violin Edit)

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