Friday, 13 April 2012

Are you keeping warm???

If not then this'll warm the cockles.
Inspired by the recent Jinny post, here's some more of the same.
You'll all be very familiar with the original mix, which was banged out in many a club circa 1991.
It is a typical Italian House piano classic.
And yes, I know it's a bit cheesy sounding now, but it was massive back in't day and you must admit that when the piano kicks in, it's impossible to stop the foot tapping!!
Probably less well known, but equally fantastic is the T-Empo remix, which IMHO is a pure work of art.
It keeps the feel of the original, but tempts and teases and then delivers (big time).

Jinny - Keep Warm
(Extended Version)

Jinny - Keep Warm
(T-Empo's Balearic Ballistic Mix)

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