Thursday, 1 March 2012

Where Memories Are Made

This is again one of those rare records whereupon every version wrought was unutterably sublime. Beyond sublime, in fact; I would go as far as to venture other-worldly. Ben Watt was responsible for the astounding, 'then again' radio version which graced Beth Orton's eponymous album, whilst Joe Claussell ratcheted the tempo a few notches in his 'Spiritual Life/Ibadan remix', a laidback house affair replete with  insistently gorgeous guitar. Deep Dish provide one of the keystone remixes of their lengthy and illustrious career in the shape of this remould, with its dangerously hypnotic hooks and immense breakdown roughly two thirds of the way through. Quite why this remix hasn't entered the canon of clubland lore remains a mystery; it is a hugely poignant and introspective track that harbours some amazing memories, evoking the unseasonable Indian summer of 1999 and the apex of my own teenage years. 

Beth Orton - Central Reservation (Deep Dish Modern Redneck Remix)

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philphila said...

You can't go wrong with any of the mentioned mixes because the song underneath is so damn good. Thanks for sharing!