Friday, 9 March 2012

Screemingly Good

This stupendous track comprises the first of several 'unreleased classics' which I aim to post in the next few weeks. Following something of a hiatus, Sunscreem resurfaced in 1997 with 'Catch', their first release on the legendary Pulse 8 label. Featuring quality remixes from luminaries such as Red Jerry, Andy Ling and Matt Darey, 'Catch' destroyed many a dancefloor in its wake. The follow-up single was to be 'Cover Me', and remixes were duly commissioned from the Trouser Enthusiasts. Unfortunately, Pulse 8 - the label that introduced the world to Rozalla, Urban Cookie Collective and Band of Gypsies - went bust prior to the commercial pressing of 'Cover Me', and the record went unreleased, as did the much sought-after album 'Out of the Woods'. An edit of the TE remix appeared on the 'Ten Mile Bank' opus, but this didn't really do justice to the sweeping, roof-raising epic nature of the full length Trouser Enthusiasts remix. This is an incredible track, combining the club savvy of Suncreem, arguably the first true dance band, with the Trouser Enthusiasts' epic sensibilities. It was a bugger to get hold of at the time, and remains one of TEs' finest-ever reworks. 

Sunscreem - Cover Me (Trouser Enthusiasts' Reptilian Cathedral Mix)


Pure Club Classics said...

I'm with you totally fella. Sunscreem were quality and produced some fantastic tracks. What can you say about the TE's - every remix they do is epic.To notch fella - great post, regards, PCC

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happy to hear this


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