Saturday, 31 March 2012

The power of the riff!!!

Here's some fantastic tracks and remixes all based around the same riff.
Nikita Warren's classic house track from 1991 "I Need You" contains that piano riff that as soon as you hear it you think "oh yeah, loving this".
This was also the basis for the Raplhie Roasario track "An Instrumental Need" which was massive in clubs in 1992. A true house classic.
Then there was Nush by Nush, which was absolutely massive in clubs and a true PCC, again based around the same piano riff.
That's the great thing about house music, if somebody creates something good it certainly get's used time and time again.
There are so many good remixes of "I Need You" that I couldn't decide which to post, as they are all wonderful, largely due to that fantastic piano riff.
Also check out the Joey Negro mix - very different but still tops.
Out of all the tracks I think the Nush track is the real stand out one IMHO, as it was immense when played out in clubs, although all the tracks listed are certainly true PCCs in their own right.
I'll let you decide for yourselves.

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Extended Original Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Flute Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Nush Club Vocal Mix)

Nikita Warren - I Need You
(Joey Negro's Frisky Disco Mix)

Ralphie Rosario - An Instrumental Need
(Club Need)

Nush - Nush
(Original Mix)

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