Monday, 19 March 2012

Keep The Faith!!!


Dear All,

Apologies, my mediafire account has been suspended.

This is due to posting tracks which recording artists and/or records labels have complained about.

When will the pricks realise that the benefit they get from the fact that we provide them with free advertising, marketing and promoting of their work will far outweigh any negative loss from a few people downloading their tracks.

The guilty track was;

C&M Connection - Another Night 
(Italo Warehouse Mix)
so please vent your spleen at them as opposed to us, as there is nothing we can do about the situation.

It's bizarre I posted the track 2 and half years ago and only now does it get flagged as a problem

I hope to have the whole situation resolved shortly. However, if mediafire won't lift the supsension then all the existing links will remain unaccessible, until we re-upload with competitor web hosting services.

Don't worry if all else fails we'll just have to provide You Tube links to the tracks and if there are any tracks we post that don't already feature on  You Tube then we will upload to You Tube and provide mp3 links on request.

We remain committed to providing you with the finest dance music the ear can ever which to hear.

We will not be defeated.

Apologies once again.

Keep the faith.

Team PCC.


Chris Horner said...

It's really frustrating but I know it's not you guys but stupid record labels, most of the tracks posted here you can't buy or download anywhere else as they've been deleted.

Rich Rowley said...

Morons!! No one is losing money because of this blog - it is done for the love of this type of music.

Blogs like this are needed to keep interest in this era of music alive!

Anonymous said...

I just downloaded the recent sunscreem post so maybe links working now??...thanks for that btw!

Pure Club Classics said...

Unfortunately not. My account is still locked by mediafire. I have over 10,000 tracks in there which I can't get to. The Sunscreem post was posted by Adam and his account is separate and working ok. I'll probably just set up another mdeiafire account and then put the links back up again. We keep the faith, best regards, PCC

boscfc said...

Sorry to hear that you're getting dicked about PCC.

Keep it going though fella - this site has brought many happy memories back to many happy people.


Pure Club Classics said...

Recent links are now fixed. I'll continue fixing some of the older links over time. If there is anything which anybody wants and the link is broken, then drop me an email at Keep the faith, best regards, PCC

Anonymous said...

This is those french lawyer dicks isn't it??

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