Friday, 16 March 2012

Just Enjoy (The Silence)!!!

An absolutely immense remix of a truly classic Depeche track.
I've always loved Depeche's tracks and they were one of the few British bands who truly cracked America.
This was probably my favourite Depeche track and there have been very few of their tracks which have been remixed well and converted to clubland!
This one is the exception though, it retains all the best bits of the original and that wonderful riff, but combines it with a pounding, pumping acid trance vibe which keeps on building and building and then comes back again and finally finishes with a lovely piano tinged fade out.
A really top remix of one of the great pop tracks.

Mike Koglin - The Silence
(12" Club Mix)


Pure Club Classics said...

The link is now fixed.

Titianwarrior said...

The Tekara mix is the one, I first heard it played by Sasha at Notting Hill Carnival :o)

joeyla said...

Great tune.... another great silence is Anethum - Silence is a rhythm too and of course Delerium - Silence....who know silence could sound so good... :-)