Saturday, 24 March 2012

Here we are back with a bang!!!

Alright people I hope you are all well.
I told you it wouldn't keep us down long.
I've opened another mediafire account, so while they have 10,000 plus of my tracks locked away, I've got the large majority of them on my hard drive anyway.
So I've simply opened another separate account with mediafire.
The only problem is that all the old links will have to be replaced which is some task as there are over 1000 posts and that will also mean uploading all those 1000 tracks to mediafire again.
I'm going to work on the basis that you will have most of the old posts and hence I'll just start with the recent posts.
If anyone finds any links that they want that are blocked just send an email to the usual PCC address.
Ok, enough of all that now back to the music.
This was a cracking track back in 1992 - a tad on the commercial side and with a certain element of cheese, but all that said a really superb uplifting track with some great piano.
Also with some fantastic vocals by Anne Marie Smith - boy that lady can sing!!!
It is of course a re-working of the original version by John Miles dating back to 1977.
Going forward I'm going to add You Tube links rather then mediafire links, then that way it will hopefully avoid the problems we've recently had. If it isn't on You Tube, then the PCC team will upload it to You Tube.
Additionally if anyone wants the actual mp3 version then we'd be happy to supply those.
It's good to be back!!

Fargetta featuring Ann-Marie Smith - Music
(Extended Mix)


Levictus said...

Welcome back!

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