Sunday, 12 February 2012

Welcome to Madchester!!

This track that spawned Indie Dance.
A superb remix from Oakey and Osborne with a little help from Terry Farley as well I believe.
This track from 1989 was of huge significance in the dance music/e culture/clubbing scene for many reasons.
1. It kick started the Indie Dance scene.
2. It kick started the Happy Mondays career
3. It kick started Paul Oakenfold's remix career
4. It created the Madchester vibe.
The Mondays took many trips to Spectrum in London, a night run by Paul Oakenfold and along with Shoom the most significant clubs in bringing the Ibizian vibe back to the UK and kick starting the Acid House scene.
Spectrum also had nights at Legends in Manchester on a Monday.
The vital ingredient in all this was "ecstasy" and this became the launch pad for the Madchester scene.
I hope this explains it all (kind of).
If not check the video it was created in Legends in Manchester, I think it explains what was going on!!
About the track, well it's just sensational.
Shaun's poetic sprawling vocals, that fantastic repetitive guitar riff and those big synth drops.
Massive in every way - Madchester vibes in the place indeed.
There's a Vince Clarke remix of this track as well which is good, but IMHO this is "the" mix.
Once you've heard this, there is no other.

Happy Mondays - W.F.L.
(Think About The Future Mix)


Anonymous said...

very true. such a shame that Oakenfold ended up doing terrible generic goa trance.


Rich Rowley said...

top tune - love the mondays - not such a big fan of Oakenfold but this is a great remix

88to98 said...

not true at all about the mondays name. they were formed in the early - mid 80's, and as shaun says in his book the name didnt really come from anywhere. great to see them reform though

Pure Club Classics said...

Oh yeah, you are right if they were first formed in 1980 it couldn't be linked to the Acid House ear which didn't kick off until late 1987 and mainly 1988. I'll amend that bit, well spotted. It sounded a bloody good story though. LOL, regards, PCC

Gordon said...

The best song from Happy Mondays and also the best version of WFL. Came across a few other mixes on "Lost Turntable" blog - Radio mix, Dance mix and Club mix plus 3 Step On mixes. The blog was from Feb 2nd.