Thursday, 23 February 2012

That's Champion

This trailblazing track was produced by Rollo and Rob Dougan, and, when first released in 1994, largely introduced the world to the booming vocals of Kristine W. Featuring classy mixes from Our Tribe and Junior Vasquez, 'Feel What You Want' became something of a sleeper hit, and its enduring popularity witnessed a re-release in 1997, this time featuring a whole host of re-interpretations from the likes of Victor Imbres and Peter Ries. Though the original remains arguably the best, this epic trance variation from the legendary Richard Dekkard elevates it to a whole new plane. Unfortunately, Champion Records still insist upon re-releasing 'Feel What You Want' every couple of years or so, each successive remix package serving to further debase the enduring 1994 and 1997 mixes.

Kristine W - Feel What You Want (Dekkard's Offworld Vocal)


philphila said...

I couldn't agree more: An enduring, almost legendary PCC, the power of which is being diluted with every new mix. Just play the original!

nostalgiafor95 said...

Agreed; the Our Tribe mix is legendary and possibly deserves posting in its own right. Stand by for 'Land of the Living'.

Gabe Gatti said...

Remember seeing her perform this track at the old Sound Factory in NYC. The original mix is the bomb! How can i contribute here? And how can i retrieve a password?



aldo said...

Wot a choon....with a fantastic hook!!!!!

Has been on my car cd changer for years........bangin!!!!!!!!