Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Living the Hi Life

Another classic BBG production. Another typically quality Hi Life release. Featuring West End musical star the late Erin Lordan on vocals, BBG's original mix (which I have somewhere, but cannot seem to locate at present) is a soaring trancer that received an unusual volume of commercial radio play in the weeks leading up to its release. Multiple mixes abound - from Atlas, Paganini Traxx and BBG themselves - but my favourite is this version from Chicane, who dons his Disco Citizens guise to deliver an archetypal lush, laidback epic. Chicane's production is so suited to the original track that it is quite difficult to consider the fact that this is in actual fact a remix. Unfortunately, this was to be one of the last releases on the Hi Life label, until it folded later in '97 - its closure occasioning BBG's follow up single, 'Do Anything', to remain forever unreleased.

BBG Featuring Erin Lordan - Just Be Tonight (Disco Citizens Mix)


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Quality - nuff said!!!