Monday, 6 February 2012

A Forgotten Gem

'Standing Here All Alone' was released on Positiva in May 1996, to relatively little fanfare. Produced by Gems For Jem and remixed by Sharp and Hula, the main mix is a synth-heavy, infectious vocal number showcasing the immense vocals of Michelle Narine, whose lungs also graced the 'Playing With Stones' bootleg mix of 'What You Do' by Big Bass, a couple of years later. This is one of Gems For Jem's best productions, and is definitely a track that would benefit from a little more exposure in order to rightly venerate it as the classic it is. 

Michelle - Standing Here All Alone (Gems For Jem Vocal Mix)


Anonymous said...

nice one. Any chance you have the Sharp Boys remix of this? It was a fantastic interpretation of it.

nostalgiafor95 said...

I think I do have that version on the CD single, will try to post link onto this comment in the next few days