Monday, 6 February 2012

The Crichton Factor

Mary Kiani's second single was the double A sided 'I Imagine'/'I Give It All to You'. The Eddy Fingers edit of the former track has been posted previously, and rightly exalted as an absolute classic of the first order. The B side is a bagpipe-dominated dirge in its original form, which was entrusted to Stuart Crichton's Umboza project to reshape. Dispensing almost entirely with the vocal - save for a rather insistent refrain - Umboza delivers a dramatic, hardbag style twist hewn with a tinge of acid. All in all this nicely complements Mary Kiani's extensive remix back catalogue. Indeed, there were so many remixes of her tracks floating about at any one time, that it was often a struggle to keep up.

Mary Kiani - I Give It All to You (Umboza Club Mix)


dancingboy said...

love it but the Eddy fingers mix of I imagine is far far better. Amazing!!!!

steve parr said...

Hi. I'd love to hear the umboza mix of this. I have a few of her singles and ttf stuff. If you could give me the password I'd appreciate it.
Many thanks

Pure Club Classics said...

Password's been sent to your email buddy, Enjoy!!