Monday, 6 February 2012

Can You Hear Me?

Mary Kiani was originally the vocalist for Scottish Rave outfit The Time Frequency, who were responsible for some of the higher-octane and screamingly euphoric rave records of the early 1990s. She was eventually signed to the Mercury label as a solo artist, and her debut single, 'When I Call Your Name' was released in August 1995. The track features a variety of remixes in an array of styles, from the likes of Nightcrawlers, Eddy Fingers and Motiv 8. The Hardfloor mix, though, really stands head and shoulders above the rest, being as it is pervaded with their trademark 303 squelch. At once evoking Sourmash and Robert Armani, care has been taken not to diminish the powerhouse vocals. 

Mary Kiani  When I Call Your Name (Hardfloor Vocal Mix)


Chris Horner said...

Is there a dub version of this?

Pure Club Classics said...

I'm sure that there ia better (faster/more pumping) version than this. The Eddy Fingers mix?? Love Mary's vocals top notch. "I Imagine" is one of my faves and posted some time ago.

nostalgiafor95 said...

There is a Hardfloor dub but I'm afraid I don't have it. I have the Eddy Fingers mix somewhere but it isn't a patch on his EFM edit of 'I Imagine'. That is up there in my all time 10. The Eddy Fingers mix of 'Hand in Hand' by Grace is worth a listen - possibly a future posting.