Saturday, 4 February 2012

Biggin' up Team PCC!!!

Thanks to some fantastic recent posts by Rich and Adam, I can take a bit of a back seat on the PCC blog and leave it to them to keep you fulfilled with the finest quality dance music from yesteryear.
After running this blog for almost 3 years and posting close to 1,000 tracks it great to have support to keep it going. So big up to you fella's.
However, to provide ongoing support I'll keep adding the odd little gem now and again.
Here's an absolute corker, a beautiful, vibey piano track which just feels so right.
Very uplifting!!

Stonehenge - Free
(Extended Version)


martine said...

sasha tune i am sure he used to bang this one out!!!

Jlee said...

This is great! Never heard this one before. Will try to get a vinyl of this. Thanks for the tip!