Monday, 30 January 2012

A World Without Confusion

This is one of those rare tracks whereupon every single mix is completely spellbinding. Issued on the S3 label at some indeterminate point in 1996, 'My Life Is In Your Hands' stood out at as an epic house masterpiece at a time when the world was apparently obsessed with 'dream house'. An epic journey in its original form, I personally prefer the Dekkard & Dane 7" edit which condenses the original version and foregrounds the big diva vocals (something of a rarity of the time, as progressive house numbers of this era - with a few notable exceptions - tended to feature ethereal, 'little girl lost' vocals). Blue Amazon deliver one the highlights of their remix career, whilst Lisa Marie Experience lay down a piano-tastic, memorably uplifting rethink. Despite the strength of the remixes, the original remains, in my estimation, the best. This is one of my all time favourite tracks, and I can still recall sitting bolt upright when I first heard it being played on some Saturday night Radio City dance show, utterly enraptured. 

Meltdown - My Life Is In Your Hands (Dekkard & Dane's Whitewater Edit)

Meltdown - My Life Is In Your Hands (Dekkard & Dane's Shortwater Chase)


Pure Club Classics said...

Loved the crescendo at the end, but then it ended just as the piano kicked in! AAgh!

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