Monday, 30 January 2012

Saying Grace

'Skin On Skin' was initially released at the beginning of 1996, and was originally loosely based on the Perfecto remix of U2's 'Lemon'. Oakenfold & Osbourne duly forged an instrumental track from the aforementioned 'Lemon', which they titled 'Orange'. When Dominique Atkins' vocals were applied to the latter it became 'Skin On Skin', the third single from the Grace project and one that proved a sizeable club and chart hit. Some eighteenth months later, a clutch of remixes were issued of various Grace tracks, the highlight of which was the Legend B remix of 'Skin On Skin'. Legend B completely remade the track, dropping the vocal almost entirely save for the insistent whisper of 'Skin On Skin', prior to building to a thunderous, synth-infused crescendo. Another underrated track, the Legend B remix of 'Skin On Skin' remains one of the defining trance records of 1997. 

Grace - Skin On Skin (Legend B Remix)


Lu said...

This track is far away from Perfecto's 'Lemon' in my op. But I wasn't aware of this background story. How about a little story on 'Lemon'?

Pure Club Classics said...

Lemon and Orange were two of my favourite Oakey tracks, this IMHO doesn't quite reach the heights of those two. I still have fond memories of Oakey opening one of his sets at Cream with Orange. It feels like yesterday, but is more like 18 years ago. Joyous times!!