Friday, 27 January 2012

Nice And Stoned...Again

Nineteen-ninety-five was quite an incredible year for Billie Ray Martin, whose club anthem ‘Your Loving Arms’ scaled the upper echelons of both the UK and US charts, helped in no small measure by spellbinding remixes from Brothers In Rhythm, Roger Sanchez and The Grid. The follow-up singles failed to emulate their predecessor’s commercial success, yet ‘Running around Town’ and ‘Imitation of Life’ wrought similar dance-floor damage. ‘Sky High’ originated on the Italian imprint Bustin’ Loose in 1994, and was picked up some eighteenth months later by Sound of Ministry for a UK release. Unlike the ‘Deadline For My Memories’ singles, which by and large were epic and progressive in equal measure, ‘Sky High’ is a more straight-forward vocal house affair as reworked by two of the foremost exponents of the genre, namely Stonebridge and Satoshi Tomiie, respectively. Interestingly, BRM had to put out this track in a pseudonymous manner, owing to legal wrangling between the Magnet and Sound of Ministry labels. The picture is representative of some 'sky high' petrol prices, an outrage with which we can all identify.  

Voices Presents Individual Featuring Billie Ray Martin (Stonebridge & Nick Nice Club Mix) 


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