Sunday, 15 January 2012

Let's go back, way back....

Ok, moving away from the Trance vibe back to an early balearic classic.
This one dates back to 1988 and was a massive track at early Acid House clubs like Shoom.
It is a lovely piece of balearic vibe, with lots of funky rhythms and some delightful chunks of piano.
You can't help but like it.
Uplifting to one and all.

Koxo Club Band - Paradhouse
(Original Mix)


DLMPINOY said...

lovely. many thanks!!

tony2wice said...

I'm a Balearic junkie!

Mj said...

Man I remember when this came out! Happy childhood days, now may I have my password please so I can listen to it lol. I'm on a roll to collect as much as this stuff as as I can. Thanks for ALL your hard work!

Rich Rowley said...


Jared said...

big vibes! love that piano