Saturday, 28 January 2012

Jazz, But Not the Way You Know

‘Jazzin’ the Way You Know’ marked something of a change in direction for Perfecto, a label hitherto inexorably associated with unabashed, rip-roaring trance. The original version is quite an uninteresting house affair, notable only for a distinctive Change sample. Fortuitously, Illicit were on hand to inject some much needed bounce, rendering a remake that is at once driving and massively infectious. Guaranteed to paint a smile on your face on any dance-floor, ‘Jazzin’ the Way You Know’ was elevated to classic status care of this stratosphere-cruising interpretation. Quite why this version was excised from the commercial release – appearing as it did only on promo – is befuddling, and led to rather a lot of hassle on my part at the time, in trying to track it down.

Jazzy M – Jazzin’ the Way You Know (Illicit Remix)


Pure Club Classics said...

Top notch - Jazzy house. Likin' it!!

Jlee said...

FUNKY!! Really miss the days house was like this.