Sunday, 5 February 2012

Funky Trousers

This monster largely slipped under the radar upon its release at the back end of 1998, arguably the most prolific year for the Trouser Enthusiasts, who were very much in demand to remix artists as diverse as Mansun and the Pet Shop Boys. Not long after this track was released The Trouser Enthusiasts collaborated with JX and Oakenfold to produce one of the best selling vocal trance numbers of all time in the shape of 'Bullet in the Gun'. This release of this latter track coincided with the TE moniker being laid to rest, as the Enthusiasts began recording under the Perfecto-signed guise of Monoboy.

'Funky Love' is one of my favourite TE remixes, and showcases their singular style at its very best in producing a soaring trance soundscape whilst retaining sparse snippets of the original vocal. The photograph is of Kavanagh QC, though it is unlikely that the vocals on this track were supplied by the late John Thaw. 

Kavana - Funky Love (Trouser Enthusiasts' Pentagram Deathtrap Mix)


Pure Club Classics said...

Masseeeve!!! Loving the Trouser Enthusiasts, every remix is right on the button. Tops!!

Kirara said...

Hi, can you upload it again? thanks

Pure Club Classics said...

Its back up. Enjoy, regards, PCC