Sunday, 15 January 2012

Enjoy the Sugar Rush!!!!

Another massive piece of Oakey trance!!!
This ones a bit harder and a bit faster, but no less fantastic.
Another banging track from Martin Freeland.
This is pumping, driving trance at it's very best.
This one has lots of riffs and hooks and is very dramatic, it was an amazing track on the dancefloor.
Again it was abasolutely hammered by Oakey and rightly so, as it is a totally massive track.
Forget a lot of the modern trance which is (mostly) a bit lame and lacks passion.
This is the real deal!!
Viva la trance (when it's this good!!!).

Man With No Name - Sugar Rush
(Raw Cane Mix)


DLMPINOY said...

you are RIGHT. this is one massive pounding track. thanks!

LeedsDJ said...

Top top tune - the perfect end to the Goa mix and a standout track on its own.
Cheers for posting guys, lovin' all this Perfecto stuff :)

aldo said...

cool.....remember oakie playin this on his full moon essential mix

Blogger said...

Sprinter - 960