Friday, 27 January 2012

Completely Bjangin'

The fairly unremarkable (in my opinion) 'Bjango' was produced by Fluke, and released on Hi Life in October 1996. Way Out West transform an otherwise ploddy production into a dancefloor destroyer by employing their trademark remix skills to optimum impact. This has to be up there with the best Way Out West reworks, and that really is saying something as almost all of their remix output between 1994 and 1998 (Saint Etienne, Hannah Jones, Bel Canto, Liquid, The Tabernacle ad nauseum) were immeasurably immense. The WOW mix of 'Bjango' has certainly stood the test of time, sounding as fresh and innovative today as it some fifteen years since. 

Lucky Monkeys - Bjango (Way Out West Bjangin' Remix)


aldo said...

one of my all time faves.One of WOW's best

Pure Club Classics said...

Class - nuff said!!