Saturday, 28 January 2012

Bliss-full Perfection

Perfecto Records were riding the crest of a wave in ’96 with a succession of wondrous trance-tinged releases from artists and producers such as Grace, Jelle Boufon, BT and Tilt. ‘Give Me Strength’ surfaced in the late spring as the anticipated follow-up to Jon Pleased Wimmin’s first and best-known production ‘Passion’. ‘Give Me Strength’ is a pounding number encapsulating Oakenfold’s vision for his label, and is augmented by the presence of Sister Bliss on co-production duties. Vocals come courtesy of Bliss’s label-mate Penny Shaw, whose operatic warbling graced two of my favourite Cheeky releases – ‘Give Me Life’ by Mr V and the legendary ‘Love, Love, Love’ by Rollo Goes Mystic.

Jon Pleased Wimmin – Give Me Strength (Slammin’ Mix)

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Pure Club Classics said...

Great track. JoPW was one of the best DJ's on the circuit circa 1993/94. I had many an enjoyable night listening to his sets. Top jock!! Shame about the attire!!