Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Biologically Uplifting

Ariel's 'Deep' created quite a stir when it emerged on white label at the beginning of 1996. Red Jerry provides a characteristically full on rework replete with a spot of wondrous ivory-tinkling at the end of the track. 'Deep' circulated amongst the tastemakers for some while, until such time as its signing to the then fledgling Wonderboy label. A male vocal was added (awful, in my opinion) and a clutch of remixes issued for the commercial release. However, Red Jerry's remix remains the original and best in my book, expertly showcasing the melodic 'hardbag' sound of the era. 

Ariel - Deep (Red Jerry's '95 Remix)


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Pure Club Classics said...

Takes a while to get going but rocks from 4 mins in. Nice one buddy.