Sunday, 12 June 2011


There can be very few tracks out there that were as enjoyable as dancing to this track back in the day!!!
It was an absolute sing-along anthem, although we quite often song the lyrics to;
"I'm on Ecstasy"!!! Lol. (in fact I think there was a version that said that as well).
An absolute stormer of a track from 1991 and one that was massive for many DJ's and always a biggie with Sasha.
Just an true PCC.
It's a little remiss of me to have taken so long to have posted this, as it is a true monster!!
Great piano, great vocals, lyrics which really spelt out the emotion and feeling for all of us clubbers who were in a world of true euphoria.
"I'm your ecstasy, come go with me"
"I'm your fantasy, come dance with me"
The days may have gone but the memories still go on and will never die.
"Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me, Dance with me"
P.S. Feel free to answer the survey - 65% is a strong majority - me thinks!!!

Control - Dance With Me (I'm Your Ecstasy) 
(Original Mix)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

More classic house? Yes please!!!

Staying on the classic house front, here's another huge fave of mine.
This track was massive at the Hacienda and regularly dropped by the legend that is Mr Graeme Park.
I had many a great night there back in 1992, grooving away to this one. Fabulous.
It's just everything that you could want from a house track.
Great beat, great rhythm, stunning piano, fantastic vocals - house music perfection.
I also used to love the little talking snippet;
"Hey, what's the matter, cat got your tongue"
P.S. I'd just like to point out that this track has absolutely nothing to do with that ghastly Bryan Adams rubbish!! Lol!!

Cynthia M - Everything I Do
(House Mix)

Happiness.... is just round the bend!!

It's always great to have suggestions for tracks to post.
I have a folder with approx 250 tracks lined up to post which regularly gets topped up and replenished, but there's nothing better than having a great suggestion which I've either forgotten about or even better not come across before.
This falls in the former category (one I'd forgotten about).
A big shout out to Jason for reminding of this one.
The track's a real quality house track with some fabulous uplifting piano, some great horn and those inspiring vocals, a true PCC.
Cheers fella this one goes out to you.
Enjoy people and remember if you're ever feeling blue - "Happiness is just round the bend".

Brooklyns Poor and Needy 
Happiness (Is Just Round The Bend)
(Free Cheese Mix)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Go on then, more "piano tunes"!!!

I think that most clubbers out there would feel that the years of 1990 and 1992 when all the old skool piano tunes were first out was arguably the most exciting time for the actual music played in clubs.
That being that the tracks of that era were just the perfect recipe for a night of non-stop "ecstatic" dancefloor action. The fact that they all had the obligatory "hands in the air" piano riffs was the critical success factor!!
It was in this era when IMHO Sasha was at his absolute best as a DJ, playing the tracks which everyone wanted to hear and made places like Shelley's in Longton go down in clubbing legend.
Here's another fine example of a classic of a track from that era.
Full of piano, lots of cheesy samples, but totally full of energy and life.
"Come on take me up, take me up now"
"Let your body freak, come on"
Old skool piano tunes, don't we just love them?

Jason Joy - Free Your Body
(Piano Mix)

In the mix - Twin Peaks!!!

Well after a somewhat obscure and controversial last post which got some varied comments, here's back at you with a real old skool fave.
Lots of "hands in the air" piano, just how we like it.
Another great example of classic Italian Piano House from 1991.
Having not been a Twin Peaks fan, I'm not quite sure what the actual relevance is to the show.
Maybe a sample somewhere in there?
Anyway, who cares it's a great old skool piano tune.
"In the mix - Twin Peaks" indeed!!

Laura Palmer featuring Twin Peaks' Killer -
In The Mix (Twin Peaks) 
(Diane Club Version)