Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tribute to one of the vocals of our time!!

You may be aware that Loleatta Holloway passed away this week, hence this track is posted as a tribute to one of the finest female vocalists to have graced the dance music scene.
Everyone will have their own favourite Loleatta track, like "Relight My Fire", "Hit and Run" or "Love Sensation", not to mention all the Black Box tracks which plagiarised her vocals.
This track was originally released way back in 1984 with a superb vocal from Loleatta, however it is the house remake which I like best (which I don't think is actually Loleatta on the vocal).
It is fast funky, contains some wonderful storming piano and is truly anthemic.
It's a truly awesome track.
In fact they are both truly wonderful tracks in the own right.
R.I.P. Queen of the Vocal!!!

Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love
(Extended Original 12")

Loleatta Holloway - Crash Goes Love 
(Extended House Remix)

Friday, 25 March 2011

I wanna be the only one!!!

Absolutely massive remix by the man that is Paul Gotel.
He takes a very mediocre Eternal (post Louise) track and turns it into a huge club anthem.
There's also some great vocals by BeBe Winans.
But it's the PG remix which makes this track sensational.
That little ticking, clucking riff in the background and then the huge build up, the key changes and the great vocal delivery.

Eternal - I Wanna Be The Only One
(Paul Gotel Dark Skies Mix)

That's the price of love??

Well it's been a while since I posted a BiR remix, so here one is.
As always with their work it has superb production and just oozes quality.
I've always been a huge New Order (and Joy Division) fan, but I've never really liked too much of their stuff on the dancefloor.
However, this is a cracking remix as you'd expect from BiR.
Barney's vocals are spot on and you can't beat that electric guitar riff.
"That's the price of love, can you feel it?"
Yes, indeedy!!
(P.S. Loving Gillian's big hair!!)

New Order - World (The Price Of Love) 
(Brothers In Rhythm Mix)

Things will always be Forever Green....

It's been ages since I played this one and I'd forgotten what a fantastic track it is.
Justin Robertson was probably one of the hottest remixers of that period circa 1992.
His style of music at that time was bang on the money and he produced some great stuff.
This brings back some great memories of Back To Basics in Leeds at the Music Factory.
The track is a true progressive house classic - enough said.
"People used to dream of the future"
"They dreamed of a clean bright future"

Finitribe - Forevergreen 
(Forevermost Excellent Mix)

My love is deep, so deep!!

Evening all, I hope you've had a good week.
Here's another big fave of mine from back in 1995.
I used to love the way this one built and then the first piano chord dropped.
It always had a huge effect on the dancefloor.
Just a really good dance track this one, quite varied in it's style, a bit vocally, a bit proggy, yet very housey.
Deep indeed!!

Sara Parker - My Love Is Deep 
(Sharp Original Vocal Mix)

Sunday, 20 March 2011

A hot new track..... get on it!!!

Now as many of you will know, nearly all the tracks posted on this blog are pre 2000, as IMHO the quality of music; dance, house etc was so much better in those periods (1987 to 2000) and only the finest quality club classics get posted.
However, every now and again a great track comes along which really stands out.
Here is one such track.
I get quite a lot of new tracks sent to me and in truth most of them are pretty naff (electro crap), however this one is pure quality.
A huge piano stormer - which is very similar in feel to the monstrous Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (which IMHO was one of the best tracks of recent years).
Thanks to the guys from Grapevine Grooves for sending it through. This is quality chaps!!
I hope you all like it out there (there's no password to download), so please have a listen and let me have your thoughts.

Dr. Anas - Keys Of Love featuring Patrick J
(Agent Q & DJ Flore Remix)

Saturday, 19 March 2011

Come on and lay it down!!!

Now I get sent loads of tracks, some superb, mostly good and one or two a bit naff, but all are always fully appreciated.
However, every now and then someone sends me a track which I haven't heard before and one that totally blows my socks off.
Well this is one such track. A big shout out to Jason for sending me this one, nice one fella.
The track is absolutely top notch, very much in a Chris and James stylee, (yeah it totally rocks), with a great build up and a banging pounding anthemic feel .
Some fantastic vocals by Toni Childs (pictured), it's an out and out club stormer.
Trust me you'll love this one.
Massive in every aspect. Cheers Jason!!
Enjoy people!!

Toni Childs - Lay Down Your Pain 
(BBG Epic Mix)

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Back with a bang - to shoot you down!!!!

Apologies for the lack of posts recently, things have been pretty hectic of late.
However, glad to report that I'm back with a bang!!
Here's a really old fave of mine and yet another PCC.
A big shout out to Andrew for reminding me of this one and supplying the link - Respect fella!.
About the track, well it's probably one of WoW's finest, with some beautiful spine tingling piano chords and breakdowns - simply sumptuous.
This one used to go down a storm in clubs back in 1994, it's not too dissimilar to the Miro - Pure Silk track which I've posted previously (which is a bit faster) - but both have lush piano breakdowns.
Enjoy - it's a classic!

Way Out West - Shoot
(1st Half)