Thursday, 22 December 2011

Follow the Star!!!

A big shout out to all those who have followed and contributed to the PCC blog over this last 12 months.
Here's wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a superb New Year.
It's very hard trying to pick a Christmas dance track as (thank the lord) nobody has every really tried to make a Christmas Club track.
Well I found the next best thing a track which has a Christmas theme in the title,so follow the "Star".
A big shout out to Adam for this suggestion, it is a track which I haven't heard for years and was one that I used to love back in the day.
It is one of the most explosive tracks ever made (yes I mean ever).
It is an absolute monster of a track and one which will appeal to nearly everyone whatever their favourite type of dance music flavour.
It has elements of acid, trance, progressive and it is topped with the most sensational cascading piano, hammering, pounding, driving it just keeps peaking and peaking, then comes back again and peaks some more.
It's so good that I think it really should feature in My All Time Top 30 PCC tracks.

People often ask me after nearly 3 years of running this blog, why I continue to do it and a key reason is  unearthing tracks like this and then being able to share them with you which spurs me on.
So after posting nearly 1000 of the greatest dance tracks in dance music history the PCC blog continues.
The other key aspect is the feedback and comments I receive from all of you out there. The feedback makes a huge difference (whether it's good or bad). The blog's always been about sharing the great music we've all enjoyed and sharing those amazing clubbing experiences of hearing the tracks on the dancefloor.
If you don't agree with my take on music selection let me know, negative feedback is better than no feedback. The only thing that pisses me off is people coming along taking tracks and not giving anything back (hence the reason for passwords).
The blog is run solely for the love of the music a lot of time and effort goes into ensuring that only the highest quality tracks are selected for posting. The key has always been about posting the best tracks (not just any tracks), ensuring that the best mix was posted (not just any mix), that being the mix which rocked clubland's dancefloors.
I've never bothered with adverts and have no interest in making money out of it (like a lot of blogs), the only thing that I request is the interaction, the sharing of tracks, the sharing of experiences and trying to ensure that we keep posting the finest tracks ever to hit dancefloors.
I still have hundreds of PCCs lined up to post (and I mean hundreds), but please keep your track suggestions coming. There's nothing better then someone suggesting a fantastic track that I either haven't heard before or haven't heard for ages (and had totally forgotten about) like "Star".
Right, I'm off my soap box now!!
Here's wishing you all a fantastic Christmas once again.
Have fun, enjoy your clubbing experiences over the festive period or if you're a retired clubber (like me), listening to your fave PCCs.
Keep The Faith,
Best Wishes
Pure Club Classics

The Shaker - Star


acidted said...

thanks for all the posts (even the cheesy stuff I don't like). This is a great blog.

Chris Horner said...

You'll never please every person with every post but apart from one or two I've loved every track you've posted.

Some of the tunes would have been lost forever if it weren't for this blog. Keep up the good work PCC.

Pure Club Classics said...

Thanks for the feedback Chaps, you've always been 2 of the best. With regards to the cheesey posts I do usually apologise in advance. Lol. Although I know you love 'em really. Regards, PCC

Lu said...

wow, indeed this track is good for every club head out there. I'm not a big fan of >140bpm but this made me bob my head like crazy. Great tune.

LeedsDJ said...

Thanks for all the tracks you post guys - I've re-lived some classics thanks to your efforts. Have a great Christmas and New Year :-)

Philphila said...

Please keep the PCC's coming. Great stuff. Thanks!

tsomo2000 said...


Dj Andromeda said...

Bonjour! I just stumbled across this great site, and would love to download some tracks (you have a few I have really been looking for). I don't believe I have any of the tracks in the "most wanted" section, but I have LOADS of rare/obscure dancey stuff from 80's-current, and would be happy to help out any way I can! Thanks! :)

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