Saturday, 17 December 2011

Feel the rotation!!!

This one's a great old skool track.
This was suggested to post a long time ago.
I can't remember who suggested it but thanks anyway, it's a great track, with huge variety.
There's all sorts thrown into the track, piano, sax, samples, chants, a great rap and great funky vibe throughout.
Not to mention Kariya riffs, Mr Fingers samples and of course the main vibe coming from the Herp Alpert classic from 1979 of the same name (Rotation). Which I've posted as well as it is such a classic track.
All in all two top tracks, one a timeless classic, the other a superb old skool reworking.

Mr Luthero - Rotation
(Original Version)

Herp Alpert - Rotation
(12" version)

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