Friday, 2 December 2011

Can you reach the finish line!!!

Now I don't usually post current tracks on the blog, but couldn't resist this one.
Living proof that there is still quality dance music being made and that the legend of Jimmy G is still knocking out great remixes.
This is under his Feemasons monicker, it's not quite up there with Jimmy Gomez remixes, but it's a damn fine remix from Mr Wiltshire.
Probably the biggest club tune of 2011?
I haven't heard much bigger.
However, if you have, then let me know.
This is a piece of floating bliss, with some great great synth stabs and some lovely breathy vocal snippets and some lovely piano.
A top, top tune.
It's gets better every time you play it.
Highly addictive - you have been warned!!!
Yasmin (pictured) is pretty hot too!!

Yasmin - Finish Line
(Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)

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Have always been a fan of this song!! It's so clubby and girly (ノ♥3♥)ノ