Thursday, 22 December 2011

Follow the Star!!!

A big shout out to all those who have followed and contributed to the PCC blog over this last 12 months.
Here's wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and a superb New Year.
It's very hard trying to pick a Christmas dance track as (thank the lord) nobody has every really tried to make a Christmas Club track.
Well I found the next best thing a track which has a Christmas theme in the title,so follow the "Star".
A big shout out to Adam for this suggestion, it is a track which I haven't heard for years and was one that I used to love back in the day.
It is one of the most explosive tracks ever made (yes I mean ever).
It is an absolute monster of a track and one which will appeal to nearly everyone whatever their favourite type of dance music flavour.
It has elements of acid, trance, progressive and it is topped with the most sensational cascading piano, hammering, pounding, driving it just keeps peaking and peaking, then comes back again and peaks some more.
It's so good that I think it really should feature in My All Time Top 30 PCC tracks.

People often ask me after nearly 3 years of running this blog, why I continue to do it and a key reason is  unearthing tracks like this and then being able to share them with you which spurs me on.
So after posting nearly 1000 of the greatest dance tracks in dance music history the PCC blog continues.
The other key aspect is the feedback and comments I receive from all of you out there. The feedback makes a huge difference (whether it's good or bad). The blog's always been about sharing the great music we've all enjoyed and sharing those amazing clubbing experiences of hearing the tracks on the dancefloor.
If you don't agree with my take on music selection let me know, negative feedback is better than no feedback. The only thing that pisses me off is people coming along taking tracks and not giving anything back (hence the reason for passwords).
The blog is run solely for the love of the music a lot of time and effort goes into ensuring that only the highest quality tracks are selected for posting. The key has always been about posting the best tracks (not just any tracks), ensuring that the best mix was posted (not just any mix), that being the mix which rocked clubland's dancefloors.
I've never bothered with adverts and have no interest in making money out of it (like a lot of blogs), the only thing that I request is the interaction, the sharing of tracks, the sharing of experiences and trying to ensure that we keep posting the finest tracks ever to hit dancefloors.
I still have hundreds of PCCs lined up to post (and I mean hundreds), but please keep your track suggestions coming. There's nothing better then someone suggesting a fantastic track that I either haven't heard before or haven't heard for ages (and had totally forgotten about) like "Star".
Right, I'm off my soap box now!!
Here's wishing you all a fantastic Christmas once again.
Have fun, enjoy your clubbing experiences over the festive period or if you're a retired clubber (like me), listening to your fave PCCs.
Keep The Faith,
Best Wishes
Pure Club Classics

The Shaker - Star

Saturday, 17 December 2011

What would we do??

What we do without great dance music??
The world would certainly be a duller place.
This is an old classic from 1991.
It was absolutely huge at the time and it was banged by every club DJ across the UK week in week out for what seemed like months.
It was one of those tracks which never seemed to go away.
In fact I can distinctly remember getting fed up of hearing it.
However, it's been a while since I last played it and it still sounds pretty fierce.
A great remix from Steve "Silk" very much in his traditional vibe, skippy, funky and touched with some great piano. Boy, that man produced some great remixes around that time!!
What would we do - indeed!!

DSK - What Would We Do
(Hurley's Extended Remix)

More enthusiastic trousers and Dannii!!

Here's another corking remix from those Trouser Enthusiasts.
Another Dannii track as well.
A big shout out to Simon for the suggesting to post and supplying the track.
This is another fantastic remix people.
It's long over 12 minutes, but it keeps you entranced throughout and is pretty awesome.
Turn it up loud for maximum effect.
It has some delightful piano and thumping, pumping vibe and of course some delightful Dannii vocals.
A real stomper I'm sure you'll agree.
Nice one Simon.

Dannii Minogue - Disremembrance
(Trouser Enthusiast's Brittlestar Requiem Mix)

Feel the rotation!!!

This one's a great old skool track.
This was suggested to post a long time ago.
I can't remember who suggested it but thanks anyway, it's a great track, with huge variety.
There's all sorts thrown into the track, piano, sax, samples, chants, a great rap and great funky vibe throughout.
Not to mention Kariya riffs, Mr Fingers samples and of course the main vibe coming from the Herp Alpert classic from 1979 of the same name (Rotation). Which I've posted as well as it is such a classic track.
All in all two top tracks, one a timeless classic, the other a superb old skool reworking.

Mr Luthero - Rotation
(Original Version)

Herp Alpert - Rotation
(12" version)

Friday, 2 December 2011

Go Dannii, Go Girl!!!

Quite possibly Dannii's finest dance floor moment, thanks to an enormous mix by the Trouser Enthusiasts from 1997.
You may remember the naff pop version with Dannii trying her very best to emulate Kylie and reach pop star status.
Thankfully the Trouser Enthusiasts came to the rescue and produced a remix which is absolutely sensational.
It's so epic it is nearing BiR terrority in terms of epic-ness.
It has the same sort of vibe as tracks Oakey was playing at his peak circa 1996.
It's an absolute monster.
It uses the vocals brilliantly, whilst it builds and builds, then blows the roof off.
Massive with a capital M.
You won't be disappointed.

Dannii Minogue - All I Wanna Do
(Trouser Entusiasts' Toys Of Desperation Mix)

Won't waste your time!!

You all know that I won't waste your time by posting tracks that disappoint you.
This is a superb piano driven piece of classic house from 1994.
Very much like a K-Klass remix, that being bouncy and piano-ee.
A really great feel good track, that very much reminds me of K-Klass's remix of "Bobby Brown - Two can play that game"
I'm sure you'll like it.
Love the tempo changes mid track also and the MC Kinky-ish rapping!!
Classic house all the way!!

Jodeci - Won't Waste Your Time
(Nick Hussey Remix)

Bathe in the afterglow!!!

Tonight feels like a nostalgia night and a celebration of my favourite remixes who are still at it, producing amazing tracks.
This one has big Brothers In Rhythm connections, as I believe that Steve Anderson was involved in the making of it and Dave Seaman was involved in widely promoting it and playing it in his sets in 2008.
You can certainly feel the Steve Anderson influence, as when you close your eyes if could almost be Kylie (who Steve's worked with for many years).
The song is a beautiful atmospheric floaty number, which makes you feel like you are wrapped in cotton.
The breathy Kylie-esque vocals are lush and the track just touches you deep in your soul.
Very sexy indeed!! Hauntingly beautiful!!!
I believe it was written originally for Britney, but she turned it down.
Her loss!!

Couture featuring Rachelle - Afterglow
(Eelke Kleijn Remix)

Feel the ultimate seduction!!!!

Back to the old skool tracks.
This was always a biggie back in 1992.
It floats and floats just teasing for quite a while and then finally explodes into some huge piano cascades.
However, do be patient as it takes quite a while to get there, but that piano when it kicks in,it  is just lush.
"The ultimate seduction" indeed.
Viva la old skool!!!

Void - Orcana
(The Seductive Mix)

Can you reach the finish line!!!

Now I don't usually post current tracks on the blog, but couldn't resist this one.
Living proof that there is still quality dance music being made and that the legend of Jimmy G is still knocking out great remixes.
This is under his Feemasons monicker, it's not quite up there with Jimmy Gomez remixes, but it's a damn fine remix from Mr Wiltshire.
Probably the biggest club tune of 2011?
I haven't heard much bigger.
However, if you have, then let me know.
This is a piece of floating bliss, with some great great synth stabs and some lovely breathy vocal snippets and some lovely piano.
A top, top tune.
It's gets better every time you play it.
Highly addictive - you have been warned!!!
Yasmin (pictured) is pretty hot too!!

Yasmin - Finish Line
(Freemasons Pegasus Club Mix)