Saturday, 5 November 2011

We enjoyed times like this!!

Here comes another old skool favourite.
A classic piece of Italian piano house from 1991.
Tunes like these were massive "up North" and perfect for that hands in the air vibe.
Simple in production, but always effective.
There is no better sound than "hands in the air" piano tunes!!!

Step & Rhythm - Time Like This
(Time One)


Philphila said...

WOW! This is hot.

Lu said...

I was born in Poland, and back in the days we were most of the times away from good club music. I love discovering this stuff. I feel like it is a treasure, and noone from my peers have EVER seen it. This feels really good.

psymatic/drbubz said...

trax bumpin. i wish i heard more stuff like this at 90s club nights where i'm at. instead it's usually like 90s hip hop or top 40s. no REAL 90s club music. props for posting!