Saturday, 12 November 2011

Oh yes, We Live!!!

Here's another fantastic remix that is the genius of Jimmy Gomez (aka James Wiltshire).
The man has produced some of the finest remixes in dance music history.
All are epic journeys, which blend wonderful tempo changes, fantastic piano breakdowns and huge hands in the air moments.
Like Brothers in Rhythm remixes, they all build and build and then explode.
This is what IMHO makes them all so great.
If you compare them with for example a lot of remixes Sasha did. Sasha's stuff would build and build but never seem to get anywhere and never peak, leading to real sense of disappointment and frustration.
BiR and Jimmy G perfected the art of building and building and then blowing the roof off.
This is another awesome, awesome remix.
Fantastic from start to finish.
Respect to Jimmy G - a man of true genius!!

Jonathan Pierce - We Live
(Jimmy Gomez Extended Club Mix)

1 comment:

Lu said...

wow, where do you find stuff like this?
I checked other tracks on that release and must say that I am not fully convinced by the vocals.