Saturday, 8 October 2011

Wilde about this??

Most people of my age will have fond memories of Kim Wilde, she was pretty hot stuff when we were youngsters growing up back in 1981.
She was always very pop and never produced anything in the dance mode, but here's a cracking remix from 1995 from Matt Darey which really kicks.
It uses Kim's vocals really well yet retains a strong club vibe.
Ok so it's a touch EuroPop, but it's very catchy and remains firmly on the side of club cred!!
P.S. I believe there is also a T-empo remix of this. If anyone has a copy, I'd appreciate a link.

Kim Wilde - Breakin' Away
(Matt Darey Vocal Remix)


raul said...

i think the t empo mixes are from the song shame that is almost around the same time as this one

Pure Club Classics said...

Hi Raul, I hope you are well buddy. I have the T-empo remix of Shame. However, when I checked on Discogs it stated a T-empo remix of Brakin' Away - . I'll keep me eye out for it, Regards, PCC

raul said...

ok then,another mix i'm missing too,thanks for the data

Anonymous said...

I adore this record. It's peak E for energy! xoe